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Selina is a Senior at San Francisco State University and is majoring in Business with an emphasis on Accounting. She is working towards a Master of Science in Accounting with the end goal of becoming a CPA. As well as being an academic coach, Selina is an Administrative Tax Assistant at a local tax and accounting firm. Next summer she will be a Tax Intern at PricewaterhouseCoopers, a top ranked accounting firm.

She grew up in Half Moon Bay so she is familiar with the Cabrillo school system. She has expertise in working with younger individuals in English and Math. She has participated in a variety of experiences including teaching a HEAL program at a local elementary school, volunteering with the Sheriffs' Department to assist children with developing their reading skills, and being a counselor at STEM camp for girls at Stanford University hosted by AAUW. Selina speaks fluent German. She attended Main Street Scholars herself for coaching in various topics when she was in high school which gave her insight into how to best coach a student so that they understand the material. In her free time Selina enjoys going to the beach, doing puzzles, cooking, being active, and spending time with her loved ones.

Selina believes that the best way to coach her students is to engage them through trying to relate to them and make the tutoring experience as fun and interesting as possible. She will often try to use visual or real life representations when explaining topics so that the student can make a real world connection and understand it better. She aims to form a connection with the student so that they feel comfortable enough to ask her questions about the material or come to her if they need advice.

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