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Math, Science, SAT/ACT Math | High School

Misha is a student at UCSD, majoring in computer science. He grew up in the Bay Area with most of his years spent in La Honda, CA. He attended Half Moon Bay HS for his freshman–junior years, and did concurrent enrollment at Cañada College through Pescadero HS for his senior year.

Misha is passionate about math, learning, teaching, tutoring, robotics, coding, soccer, chess, video making (such as by drone), music, and the outdoors (hiking, camping, kayaking). Starting in high school, he became especially taken with academic coaching, tutoring, and teaching, for among those varied interests, he found these to be particularly meaningful and inspiring. It’s been more than an amazing experience, he feels, to have worked with students from varied ages and backgrounds, and to be fortunate enough to continue contributing to their life-long learning experiences.

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