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English | History | Spanish | Middle and High School levels

Kassandra (Kassi) Talbot has been an educator for the past five years. She teaches Middle School Social Studies and High School Spanish. Kassandra is a doctoral candidate in the EdD Educational Leadership program at SFSU, holds a B.A. in Global Studies and Spanish from University of the Pacific, School of International Studies; and M.A. in Education, Equity and Social Justice.

Her ultimate goals include capitalizing on the opportunity her local context offers: using her position in the community to transform its current school system into one that serves all students equitably. She hopes her former students will come back to their community to continue the fight, lead and support future generations.

In her home town, Kassandra is part of the municipal advisory board, a Red Cross First Aid Instructor, Trauma Informed Instructor and local radio host. When she is not working on projects for her students, Kassandra enjoys going on adventures with her partner and dogs, cooking and reading fantasy series.

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kassi talbot