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Jim Kurpius is a biologist, teacher and guide. He grew up in the Bay Area and has spent much of his life along the coast between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. Jim completed his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley in Integrative Biology and graduated from UC Santa Cruz, earning a BA (with honors) in biology. His research interests range from population genetics to paleontology and focused on evolutionary patterns of marine invertebrates in both fossil and living species. He believes that making connections with students is at the heart of teaching, whether in the field or in the classroom. Jim is keen to find out what interests students and develop coursework that both challenges and engages each student at their level.

Jim is a former whitewater river guide, sea kayak guide/naturalist, research diver, and ski instructor. He lives out at the beach in San Francisco, is raising two kids, and enjoys surfing, kayaking, backcountry travel, and adventures of all sorts.

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Jim Kurpius