Reimagining brilliance

Education in the new normal

During this unprecedented time, Main Street Scholars is reimagining education. It’s no longer enough to think out of the box—there is no more box—and we need to teach students for their futures instead of adhering to the models of our past.

Building on a liberal arts framework, our goal is to prepare students to draw upon a multitude of resources, think critically, and reach sound conclusions as they navigate their schoolwork and the rapidly changing world beyond.

We are embracing flexibility and evolution as we meet students where they are—academically, emotionally, developmentally, and logistically—by customizing programs that provide a rigorous curriculum while allowing them to learn and develop at their own pace.

We know you have questions

Ensuring your child’s success in the coming year is your top priority, and the many options for learning—online, in-person, a hybrid program, or homeschooling—are daunting. Please reach out and we’ll help you plot a course.

Webinar | Educational options for 2020/21

On August 5th, a Main Street Scholars panel discussed educational options and paths to get your questions answered in the face of incredible uncertainty. You may now download the presentation in English or Spanish, or watch it online.
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El 5 de Agosto, Main Street Scholars llevo a cabo un panel para discutir las opciones educativas de los estudiantes en la costa y contestar algunas preguntas referentes a estos tiempos de incertidumbre. Usted puede descargar la presentación en Inglés, Español o también puede verla en línea.
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College Preparatory

Junior High School

We are a fully accredited private prep school for grades 7–12. Our junior high school offers a 1:1 or 1:3 setting for our comprehensive curriculum, designed to prep students for high school and beyond.

High School / Concurrent Enrollment

In addition to our rigorous curriculum and customized program, your child’s experience at Main Street Scholars includes the opportunity to gain college experience and college credit while in high school.

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching

One-to-one academic coaching will help improve your child’s personal learning skills and increase their confidence.

Test Prep

The Coaching Center helps students develop skills and strategies to build their test-taking confidence for the ACT, SAT, HSPT, or CHSPE.

College Advising

The Coaching Center provides personalized assistance with the college search and application process.

PORTRAIT OF A STUDENT | Perfect 36 on the ACT

Marie, a student in our coaching center, applied to college Math, Data Science, and Actuarial programs. She was accepted at UCLA, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Santa Cruz, and waitlisted at Purdue for the actuarial science track.

Because her goal is to obtain a degree in actuarial science, she accepted the offer to be a part of the actuarial program at UCSB. Having passed several APs, she is on track to graduate in 3 years and possibly, with a GPA of 3.2+, qualify for a Master’s in just two additional years.

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