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Executive Director

Jamie (Bub) has been an educator for 23 years in Los Angeles and San Francisco, eventually founding Main Street Scholars In Half Moon Bay. She attended Loyola Marymount University where she earned her BA and two Master’s, one in School Administration.

While in LA Jamie began teaching SAT Prep courses (Reading and Writing) for Scholars in Progress where she successfully helped many students raise their confidence level in test-taking, which allowed them to successfully raise their test scores in the Reading and Writing sections of the test.

In 2010, Jamie and her husband Jack relocated to Half Moon Bay to be nearer to her family and grandchildren. For the first four years she taught in SF at Schools of the Sacred Heart while coaching a number of students in HMB. Jamie opened her office on Main Street in June, 2014 and had expanded MSS educational services to include after-school coaching, SAT/ACT Prep, and along with Liz Murphy College Advising, offers College Advising helping students navigate the College Application Admissions Process.

In August, 2014 Jamie opened the office to include structured support for home-school students on the Coastside. As a lifelong learner herself, she realizes the importance of educating for the 21st century student. The skills of tomorrow are dependent upon the critical-thinking skills a student develops today. More than content alone, the students of today need interdisciplinary thinking which has content embedded as well as the confidence and resilience to thrive in life. The nature of high-stakes testing in our global society is key to entrance into our competitive world. Yet, having a well-developed skill set from individualized learning creates a student who gains the opportunity to access to the American Dream in a global reality.

Today, Main Street Scholars successfully supports many students through our College Prep School and Academic Coaching Center.

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