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Scholarship Fund

Main Street Scholars (MSS) recently received an anonymous donation to provide academic support to coastside students in financial need, particularly those in our migrant and farm-working community.

Working with the Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside, we have identified several students who would benefit from 1:1 academic coaching—more than the scholarship can cover.

To help bridge the gap, MSS has opened a scholarship fund to support these deserving young people, who are especially hard-hit after the pandemic, and more recently the weather-related and violent events which left many families homeless. While other nonprofits are supporting families’ housing needs, MSS is focused on supporting the academic needs of coastside children.

Fondo de becas

Main Street Scholars (MSS) ha recibido una donación anónima para apoyar los estudios de jóvenes locales con limitaciones económicas, y en particular a la comunidad de inmigrantes y trabajadores agrícolas.

Con la ayuda del Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside, hemos identificado a varios estudiantes que se beneficiarían de clases particulares con un maestro para avanzar en sus estudios, pero son más de los que puede cubrir la donación.

Para poder servir a todos estos estudiantes, MSS está recaudando fondos para un beca de estudio. La beca ayudaría a estos jóvenes locales que merecen todo nuestro apoyo tras los estragos de la pandemia, las recientes tormentas y el trágico tiroteo que dejó a varias familias sin techo. Mientras otras organizaciones caritativas dirigen sus esfuerzos al problema de la vivienda, en MSS nuestro foco es apoyar las necesidades académicas de nuestros jóvenes en la costa.

Donate by Mail: Checks should be made out to Main Street Scholars, and mailed to 60 Stone Pine Rd, Suite 200, Half Moon Bay CA 94019


“We couldn’t pull through without you. You have been a blessing to our little family. And what a gift you are to this community’s children. May God continue to be with you, for your family and the beautiful work you do.”


“I loved our class this year. I had so much fun from doing the chicken dance to making a model of a temple. You have taught me life lessons I will never forget. I learned so much and understand it all. Thank you!"
Student, grade 8


“I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me! I have learned so much by your side and am truly grateful! You are an incredible woman and mentor and I am lucky to have known and worked for you.”
Erin B., Academic Coach