Jonathan Slusher | Science

Jonathan has spent the last twelve years—four of those abroad in Germany and France—as a stay-at-home father. He has been a part-time writer as well as a substitute teacher.

He has coached over ten seasons of soccer and baseball both abroad and in California. Jonathan has written a novel and published several short stories in various literary journals and magazines. He has also appeared a few times on NPR radio.

Jonathan has a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science from The University of New Haven and teaching certification in Earth and General Science (Grades 7-12) from The Connecticut Alternate Route to Teaching Certification.

Jonathan loves the outdoors and believes a sense of wonder in the world around us is an innate and essential human trait that is often neglected. He believes that the best learning occurs when digital chatter and distraction is minimized and students are able to take part—and sometimes take charge—in meaningful discussion and activities.