In addition to individual academic coaching, homework groups, AP study, and college-test preparation, Main Street Scholars offers a wide variety of home and non-traditional-academic support.

An Ocean Grove approved vendor, we serve home-schooling families already enrolled in a home-school program complete and expand their curricula with appropriate field trips and participation in our local community. With a full-time and as-needed schedule, Main Street Scholars is able to respond to the learning style and schedule of each individual student.

Main Street Scholars also offers full-time day programs for students who are transitioning into, or out of, a traditional academic setting. We use an interdisciplinary model and project-based curriculum; all classes are based on California’s Common Core standards.


Interdisciplinary Journey courses: elementary, middle and high school level academics

• English/History (all grades)
• Math/Science (all grades)
• Mathy Science (elementary)
• Sewing (elementary)
• Nutrition (all grades)
• Construction Engineering (all grades)
• Marine Biology (all grades)
• Environmental Science (high school level)
• World Languages—French, Spanish, Russian and more!
• ACT/SAT essay writing (10th and 11th grades)

4-week Integrated Journeys

Main Street Scholars's Integrated Journeys creatively weave core subjects with real world applications and activities to create a true project based learning experience. Each 4-week Journey revolves around a theme, and every theme is related on a higher level throughout the year. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information!

Tuition (2018-2019 School Year)

Tuition options are based on a 180-day, 10-month year. Full-day hours are 9 am–3 pm, part-time hours are 9 am-noon. Partial scholarships are available—please contact us for more information.

To secure their spot, families will pay a $1,000 deposit. The deposit will be subtracted from the tuition balance due. 

A $550 program supplies will be required, it will be due on September 1st, 2018,

SCHEDULE COST year/month
Full-time | 5 days, 5 mornings and 4 afternoons/week $13,600/1,360
Part-time | 5 mornings a week $12,300/1,230
Part-time | 3 mornings a week $10,500/1,050
Part-time | 2 mornings a week $9,400/940
 Drop-in classes  $75/hour
To inquire about our scholarship fund email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.