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Middle-High School

Our Middle-High School is for students who want a smaller, more individualized learning experience.

 Together, investing in your child’s future!

Our mission is to provide a rigorous curriculum while allowing each student to learn and develop at his or her own individual pace. Sometimes a student needs to reboot their educational experience or might simply choose to work at a faster pace, and we provide these types of indiviudalized experiences. 

Together with the parents, students, and teachers, every child will have the opportunity to develop their academic curiosity and become a confident, competent, or superior student. 


Main Street Scholars Middle-High School:

-Provides a safe, convenient, academic center for our community’s children

-Responds to the academic needs of each student in our community 

-Encourages all community members to share their unique talents with our school community

-Incorporates the community’s assets into our school community

Approved Ocean Grove vendor and WASC accredited. 

Interdisciplinary courses: 

  • Literature: Shakespeare
  • English/History (four years)
  • Math: algebra 1 & 2, geometry
  • Science: Earth, marine, and life biology
  • Physics, Chemistry (high school)
  • World Languages: French and Spanish
  • Sewing (Elective)
  • Nutrition (Elective)
  • Piano (Elective)
  • ACT/SAT essay writing (10th and 11th grades)
  • 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who prefer a faster-paced curriculum are able to be concurrently enrolled in high school at Main Street Scholars and any one of the three local community colleges, where they can earn hgih school or college credits.