Melanie Waechtler | Academic Coach

Melanie Waechtler is a recent graduate of UC Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Sociology and a focus in Education. Melanie was born, raised, and educated in Half Moon Bay and has been working at MSS for the past 2 summers since 2016. In her time with MSS she has worked with students of all ages from Elementary school to High school. Her main areas of expertise are with English and Writing skills from Elementary to High School, and with Mathematics from Elementary to Middle School

While in college she initially studied Mathematics for two years, but after working at MSS she discovered her love of teaching and her passion for education, and after a couple of major changes decided to instead pursue Sociology as a major with classes that focused on Education. While in college Melanie was taught through her Education and Sociology classes how best to serve the community around her, and she hopes to do that through MSS so she can best serve the students in her community. Melanie true passion is in education, she plans on continuing on to grad school to receive a masters in education and a credential to pursue teaching. She hopes to inspire and create a love for education in her students that she has found through her own education. In her free time Melanie loves to hang out with her family and friends, go to the gym, walk on the coastal trail, or play tennis.